Final Announcement

To begin, we at Funshine Early Learning Center want to thank all of the families who have trusted us to care for your children over the last 13 years. It’s been a privilege to serve the child care needs of Northern Colorado families. This announcement may not come as a big surprise, but effective immediately, Funshine Early Learning Center is closing its doors for good. The last 13 years have been a most excellent adventure, and now we are moving away from childcare and toward our plans for the future. However, in the place we were planning to move, a new owner is still opening up a NEW daycare, with outdoor play areas and more indoor space, so they will be better able to serve the full and part time needs of Northern Colorado families. The name of the new center is NoCo Kids Nest, and they have a projected opening date in May 2021. The address of the new center is 5137 South College Ave., about a 5 minute drive from Funshine.


We are so happy to inform you that the heart and soul of Funshine, Shayla Kaminitz, will be continuing her Director responsibilities with NoCo Kids Nest! She will be taking our family records with her, to enable a smooth transition for our former families. NoCo Kids Nest has also agreed to honor the monetary credits you had with Funshine. To be clear, you WILL need to fill out new paperwork, as this center is operating under a new license, but your financials will remain intact.


Going forward, please direct all inquiries to Shayla Kaminitz at or via phone or text at 970-744-8629.

Shayla Kaminitz, Director
NoCo Kids Nest
5137 South College Ave., Fort Collins