Welcome to Funshine!

At Funshine Early Learning Center, our mission is to provide affordable, quality, and flexible childcare for all of our families. We are open early, late, and on weekends for your full-time care, and drop-in convenience.

We believe that each child is unique, so we provide care that encourages exploration, sensory play, creativity, movement, and socialization in a safe and educational setting. We encourage your children to be messy and active, and we love to do all the things you don’t want to do at home! 😀

Our energetic staff is carefully screened, and highly trained to provide a quality, nurturing environment. They go above and beyond to create a positive, fun, and inclusive experience for every child, every visit.

Enjoy a brief virtual tour below, then give us a call at 970-377-2824 to schedule a tour in-person!

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